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Assessments & Pentesting

Our hands-on Assessment services are specific to the customer environment and unique needs. We apply human critical thinking to Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments to expose your real risk.

Penetration testing is a crucial aspect of ensuring the security of a system or network. While automated scans can be useful for identifying potential vulnerabilities, they are not a substitute for the expertise and insights that a human penetration tester can bring to the table. Human penetration testers can think like an attacker and use their knowledge and experience to identify vulnerabilities that automated scans may miss. In addition, they can provide valuable context and guidance on how to remediate any vulnerabilities that are discovered. Ultimately, the use of both automated scans and human penetration testers can provide a more comprehensive and effective approach to securing a system or network.

On-Site/Remote Pentests & Assessments

Testing for vulnerabilities in hardware, software, and internal & external networks.
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Protecting your company's sensitive data is all about securing the good to keep the bad out, and if you are concerned that you are at risk, it's critical to get a rapid yet thorough assessment.

Since bad actors can get into your internal systems through email, the internet, or even being physically inside of your company, it's important to do regular testing.
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A pentest can be purchased, scheduled, started, and completed quickly. Give your team the information you need to make rapid decisions that increase data security.

Attack surface, evidence and POCs to document & confirm vulnerabilities and risk. 


Documents, networks, security systems and more that were thought to be locked down. 


Attack methods your company is experiencing now and their frequency. 


Review the results and detailed status report of issues to understand severity & impact.


Implement the updates, changes, patches, and replacements presented in the report.

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Hardware, Software, & APIs

Product Assessments

Testing for vulnerabilities in the internet-connected hardware and software solutions (front-end and APIs) that your company has deployed or are planning to deploy to employees and customers.
For many companies, the use or sale of their hardware and software solutions are the key indicators of the forward momentum of the business.

Any risk against that usage continuing on a daily basis poses a real risk to business continuity.
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