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Bad actors look at any business, no matter what industry, to try and get their hands on sensitive data. These days, small businesses are no exception.  In fact, according to one report, more than 60% of small businesses experienced a cyber-attack in the past year, and the most popular way bad actors are successful in breaching a company’s systems to gain access to their sensitive data - email.  

With DigitalBlue's Cybersecurity Services, your attack surface will be minimized, your systems will be protected, and your staff will have the training to become capable defenders against cyber attacks.

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Cybersecurity Assessment – custom external systems test. Discovery, Pen Test, Vulnerability Assessment, and DNS Records Review. $1,500.

vCISO Virtual Chief Information Security Officer – The leadership you need to create, implement, and maintain a protection plan.

Cybersecurity Project – Specifically addressing a breach or risk area in your business.

Let’s talk about turning your cyber risk into digital strength.

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“Alright, now that you’ve sufficiently scared us by proving how easy it is to access our core critical systems and data, let’s talk about how to close those holes.”

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