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Every company wants to have the opportunity for free news coverage, but no business wants that coverage to come because they were a victim of a cyber attack.  How do you avoid it?  Start with the cause:


Bad actors work through people to gain access to a company’s systems.


Your staff needs to be able to sniff out phishing and social engineering schemes to keep them from doing harm.


Password re-use and sharing, and lack of multi-factor authentication are examples of risk.


Create and maintain operational policies that require best practices in security.


Bad actors look for vulnerabilities in code and network configurations.


Perform and monitor performance and vulnerabilities at the code level to catch concerns before they become problems. 

At DigitalBlue, we use a process that digs into the root causes of cybersecurity problems, with a toolset that will give you the confidence that you are as protected as you can be.

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Risk assessment
Mitigation plan development
Mitigation plan implementation
Train people
Contain event
Communicate event
Create and implement resilience plan
Return to normal operations






Continuous monitoring
Continuous updating

Our services will help you become more secure and maintain that level of security.  If you have already become an attack victim we can help you restore your systems and remediate vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Assessment

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Know what you need to do to be protected from loss during a cyber attack. Our Assessment is an individualized discovery and vulnerability assessment, DNS records review, and Penetration test for your external systems.  Up to 10 subnets/domains included. With our detailed report of status, recommendations, and risk mitigation steps you’ll be armed with the data you need to build a strong defense. 
All for just $1,500.00


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Our vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) Service is a subscription service that provides your company with the executive leadership and cybersecurity expertise to create, implement, and maintain your threat protection plan.

Cybersecurity Project

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A targeted Cybersecurity Project to address specific needs in your organization or solution.  We can identify vulnerabilities and fix them in your systems, including your custom products and services.  We can also perform vulnerability assessments, incident response, policy development, and more.