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    Mobile App - iOS, Android, and Windows mobile app for location, communication, and alerting among first responders or other connected service workers such as utility, delivery, and more. Leverage the power of Smart Cities capabilities by integrating the app with GIS map layers, IoT devices, sensors, cameras, and data analytics solutions that contain the data, notifications, and situational awareness detail users need for better real-time decision making.

Built for First Responders

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Ready for First Responders

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EnforceNet is a first responder app for iOS Android and Windows devices, purpose built to enhance safety, simplify communication, and enable connections to IoT/Smart Cities devices, sensors, cameras, and more.

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Users share status, location, and specialization plus exchange messages, and receive alerts locally and for mutual-aid.  All secure and encrypted per CJIS compliance standards.

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Map Features

Staff Location
Driving Directions
Alert Location

Alert Features

Call for Service Notifications

Communication Features
Secure Media Sharing
One to One Messaging
Group and Channel Messaging
Citizen Video Calling
User to User Telephone Call
Video Call Recording
Cross-agency / Mutual Aid Information Sharing


Convenience Features 
Day/Night Mode
Unit Status
Shift/Duty Status
Android & Apple Watch Notifications
Body and Dash Cameras
IP Cameras
Drones - Location and Video
Video AI Notifications
Gunshot Detection Notifications
LPR Notifications


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