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DigitalBlue and EnforceNet can fulfill the NIST First Responder Wish List.

DigitalBlue and EnforceNet can fulfill the NIST First Responder Wish List.


Every #publicsafetytechnology company wants to give the market exactly what the market wants. It’s more than just being able to have a guarantee of sales, but the assurance that you provide solutions that make a difference in improving #firstrespondersafety and saving lives. Recently, I ran across a blog post released by the #NationalInstitutesofStandardsandTechnology (#NIST) How NIST Is Helping First Responders Stay Connected, linked here for your convenience. It’s a great post because NIST did some research to find out exactly what technology the market wants. I was excited to see NIST’s findings because they align with what #DigitalBlueSoftware believes, and the direction the company has taken the #EnforceNet product.

The blog includes a section titled “First Responders’ Wish List.” The list includes a bunch of things that real practitioners in the market (#firefighter #policeofficer #emergencymedicaltechnician) are interested in seeing their departments provide for them now. Reviewing the list was a thrill for the staff at DigitalBlue because the companies channel partners can deliver many of the things that they wish for today.

Here’s what I mean:

  • They wish for Single Sign-on (SSO) – DigitalBlue can implement SSO for an agency today. Because DigitalBlue is also a #technologyservices firm, the company can take on services projects and deliver results that meet compliance standards.

  • They wish for GPS mapping and navigation – These features are available in EnforceNet today. Now, the value of using EnforceNet over the functionality standard in a device is that EnforceNet is Validated by FirstNet to meet the security and reliability standards needed by public safety.

  • They wish for Live images and video – With the EnforceNet IM feature, users can share images securely within EnforceNet today. EnforceNet can also be used to stream live video from phones and integrated IP cameras right to any first responder and to the 911 dispatch center, all available today.

  • They wish for Caller location for mobile phone 911 callers – Through the DigitalBlue partnership with #RapidSOS, delivering mobile phone 911 caller location to EnforceNet users is on the product roadmap. Mobile phone 911 caller location is available today to every #911Dispatch Center in the U.S. at no charge from RapidSOS.

  • They wish for Transmit patient vital information to hospitals – As a services project, DigitalBlue can integrate EMS data capture systems with a hospital patient intake system. Alternatively, EnforceNet can be enhanced to receive patient data and, when integrated with the hospital patient intake system, send the information directly to the hospital.

  • They wish for Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) – AVL is included in EnforcNet today. Through the DigitalBlue partnership with #OneStepGPS, a sensor is installed in the vehicle which may be seen and tracked in real-time in the EnforceNet AVL. Dispatch centers can use EnforceNet web or EnforceNet windows to see the location of #firetrucks and other #emergencyresponse vehicles.

  • They wish for Augmented reality – DigitalBlue is actively in the process of researching a solution to fulfill this wish.

While this match between what the market wants and what DigitalBlue and the EnforceNet product provide is exciting by itself, the excitement grows with each relationship the company makes with partners who deliver these solutions to our national heroes.

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