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EnforceNet will soon include a Windows version.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

EnforceNet for Windows coming soon!


The big news within #DigitalBlueSoftware is that the company is getting ready to launch #EnforceNet for Windows. Currently, the company is projecting that around the end of October 2020, support for the Windows operating system will be added to the current iOS and Android versions of the EnforceNet app. DigitalBlue brought EnforceNet to market with a “Mobile First” approach, and on the premise that the hub of first responder activity would move from buildings and vehicles to people - using mobile devices. So, have things changed? Their answer, not at all.

From the launch of the company and the start of product development, DigitalBlue has planned to develop a Windows version of EnforceNet. In fact, the developers made a strategic decision in the architectural design of the product to be ready for Windows long before the Windows app moved from a road map item to a development project this year. The company chose the #Microsoft cross-platform development environment #Xamarin to build EnforceNet. With Xamarin as the basis, they first released iOS, then Android, and now Windows. With this coming application in the company’s roadmap all along, no, nothing has changed.

The launch of EnforceNet for Windows will give users the ability to move seamlessly from a mobile device to a computer, giving them the familiarity of using a computer, and the freedom of having the same data on a mobile device. All of the login information will be the same, and any single user can be logged into both an iOS or Android device and a computer all at the same time. And, as if all of that is not great, there is no additional charge. So, with a single subscription, any one user can use EnforceNet on an unlimited number of devices and it doesn’t cost any more. Although EnforceNet for Windows is coming at the end of October, DigitalBlue is taking orders now. Give them a call.


EnforceNet is a complete safety and communication solution with real-time alerts, live maps, IM channels, video calling, and live video streaming to share critical information now. Plus, share information securely with members of other agencies in your area.

EnforceNet is just a download away from helping you modernize incident notification and situational awareness, starting at only $8 per month.

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