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National Information Sharing


Ten years ago information sharing was a major topic of conversation in public safety. 9/11 was still top of mind, new technology companies that promised information sharing were coming to market, and legacy providers were releasing options to make information sharing possible. The solutions were great! The market was introduced to hardware-based solutions and the first uses of the cloud, with both providing security, data access, and information sharing. But were the goals really met? These information-sharing technologies were limited in scope by the regions where they were located. Responding to threats like 9/11, and even the current coronavirus pandemic, require the ability to quickly share information among the protective forces that are responsible for all vulnerable jurisdictions, which means nationally. Does the fact that information sharing is not represented nationally after all of this time mean that the need or interest has diminished? Not at all. In fact, the results of a July/August 2020 survey conducted by #LexisNexisRisk Solutions revealed that 72 percent of law enforcement would prefer to have national information-sharing instead of regional information sharing, which was an increase of six percent over 2019. So, what can be done? Is national information sharing really possible? Yes, and #EnforceNet provides the platform to make national information sharing a reality.

EnforceNet is a product, yes, but it is also a technology platform that was designed in compliance with open public safety standards for simplified connection to local, regional, and national databases. Although EnforceNet is available to all first responders, it is fully #CJIS compliant and CJI can be accessed and shared only among commissioned law enforcement professionals who have been validated by their agency as having an active commission with their state. EnforceNet is made available as a local solution, and, as a benefit of being a subscriber, provides the connection and access of a national solution just by logging in. Finally, EnforceNet doesn’t require any local IT resources in order to operate the out of the box version of the app. Since it’s hosted in the #Microsoft #AzureGovernment Cloud, all maintenance is handled by #DigitalBlueSoftware. So, not only is EnforceNet ready to provide national information sharing, but it also handles privacy, cooperation by agencies, and it reduces any burden on technical resources at the local level. And accessing EnforceNet couldn’t be simpler or more convenient. Use it on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and also on Windows computers and tablets. So if you are ready to participate in national information sharing, get EnforceNet today!


EnforceNet is a complete safety and communication solution with real-time alerts, live maps, IM channels, video calling, and live video streaming to share critical information now. Plus, share information securely with members of other agencies in your area.

EnforceNet is just a download away from helping you modernize incident notification and situational awareness, starting at only $8 per month.

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