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#DigitalBlueSoftware recently announced the coming of a #Windows version of the #EnforceNet safety and communications smartphone app. It’s an exciting addition that tightens the flexibility of EnforceNet to be used anywhere, at any time, and by any first responder. When Windows is released, users can be at a desk in an office, using an MDT in a vehicle, or using the iOS and Android apps on a phone wherever they might be. This update broadens the user base of EnforceNet because, since the solution can be used from a computer, the first first responders in 9-1-1 dispatch centers can also participate in the location, communication, and alerting value of EnforceNet.

Previously, DigitalBlue provided a browser version of EnforceNet, EnforceNet Web, for administrators and dispatchers to see the location and status of other users of the app. Although the data was valuable, it lacked the ability to engage with users; such as exchanging instant messages, placing telephone calls, receiving alerts, or seeing live streaming video, as users of the app could. The Windows version changes that, but DigitalBlue decided that the value users receive from the addition of the Windows version wouldn’t stop there. With the release of EnforceNet for Windows, all users, no matter what Operating System is being used (iOS, Android, or Windows), will have the option to choose Video Calling from EnforceNet to an external telephone number.

The ability to place a video call from one EnforceNet user to another EnforceNet user was included in a previous update to the app. This new option takes that feature to a new level, because EnforceNet users will be able to enter a telephone number into a window in the app (iOS, Android, or Windows), tap or click continue, and the recipient’s phone will notify them that they are receiving a video call from a public safety department. Now, as you can imagine, the phone that receives the video call notification has to be an Internet-enabled smartphone. The likelihood of this is pretty strong since, according to the National Emergency Number Association (#NENA), more than 80% of the 240 million calls made to 9-1-1 each year are from mobile devices. So, dispatchers will have the ability to make face-to-face connections with 9-1-1 callers, and, when they issue a call for service, they can choose to include a telephone number for the assigned first responder to place a video call to the 9-1-1 caller.

The benefits include cost savings too. If a first responder is dispatched out, labor, fuel, and vehicle wear and tear are cost factors for that 9-1-1 call. If the issue can be resolved with a video call, labor is reduced because there’s no travel time, and the costs for fuel and vehicle wear and tear are removed because the vehicle is not used.

This truly is an exciting update that public safety organizations will want to take advantage of right away. Although EnforceNet for Windows and this new video calling feature are scheduled for release at the end of October, DigitalBlue is taking orders now. Give them a call.


EnforceNet is a complete safety and communication solution with real-time alerts, live maps, IM channels, video calling, and live video streaming to share critical information now. Plus, share information securely with members of other agencies in your area.

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