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Why did we create EnforceNet?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

No Department Left Behind


Predictive analysis, live video access with AI for intelligent alerts from the video stream, information sharing, and smart notifications from comparing data from multiple databases are examples of the advanced technology that is quickly becoming common among modern law enforcement. But “common” needs to be defined as well known rather than used by the majority. Solutions such as these are becoming common among larger or well-funded departments because, although they bring great value for public safety, they are expensive.

#DigitalBlueSoftware created #EnforceNet as an endpoint to get information from systems like these advanced technologies, legacy systems, IP camera streams, and more to the first responders that need to know that data at the right time to reduce response times and save lives. EnforceNet receives that information through integrations with those systems to deliver the data to the user right in the app. EnforceNet users can be employed by the department that hosts the data source, or the data can be shared among EnforceNet users with other departments. The opportunity to share information among subscribing departments begins to uncover what makes EnforceNet different.

EnforceNet subscribers are public safety departments, but its users are their first responders, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS staff who work together to deliver emergency services at the point of incident. Users are not separated in EnforceNet, but are able to electronically provide backup through realtime location, status updates, and secure messaging within jurisdictions and in support of mutual aid. This means that the important data available from the advanced tools used by well-funded departments can be democratized by being shared among users of EnforceNet.

This transitions naturally into a discussion about the cost of EnforceNet. DigitalBlue Software created EnforceNet with the knowledge that most of the law enforcement departments in the United States have fewer than 100 officers. What this meant to the company was that the majority of the public safety departments in the country are small, likely work with limited budgets and that EnforceNet must be priced for them. The result was advanced technology, that is simple to use, and ready to use as soon as it’s downloaded - at only $8.00 per month. EnforceNet is also architected with the flexibility to upgrade, enhance, or integrate with other solutions, devices, databases, and more.

This approach makes EnforceNet available for and reachable by any department, small or large - that means No Department Left Behind! We invite you to get to know EnforceNet today.


EnforceNet is a complete safety and communication solution with real-time alerts, live maps, IM channels, video calling, and live video streaming to share critical information now. Plus, share information securely with members of other agencies in your area.

EnforceNet is just a download away from helping you modernize incident notification and situational awareness, starting at only $8 per month.

Get EnforceNet today!


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