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With EnforceNet, you get Attitude, Power and Performance.

Attitude + Power = Performance


Connecting the dots between legacy systems, new solutions, and future requirements are one of the great challenges technology companies are expected to solve for their public safety customers. It’s much like the formula for safe flight in an aircraft Attitude + Power = Performance. Attitude being connection and reliability with the right systems, and power making sure to have proper alignment with user needs and expectations. It’s like aviation because as you keep moving forward everything keeps changing. New requirements, new technologies, legislative changes, and policy changes can take on the characteristics of changing altitude, turbulence, and bad weather - adjust, adjust, adjust. But constants are important for public safety. Giving first responders technology that does what they need and expect not only minimizes the cost of training, but also makes them most efficient as they do the work of saving lives and property. Fortunately, there is a simple solution that can serve up what they need and expect now and will keep up with the changes that come in the future. That solution is #EnforceNet!

#DigitalBlueSoftware built EnforceNet to be the end-user solution to connect the dots between legacy systems, new technologies, databases, sensors, cameras, and more. It was created with cutting-edge technology, open public safety standards, and it is continually enhanced as the market continues to move. The choice to use EnforceNet comes with the opportunity to solve the problems of connection with the right systems, alignment with user needs and expectations, and keeping up with constant change.


EnforceNet is a complete safety and communication solution with real-time alerts, live maps, IM channels, video calling, and live video streaming to share critical information now. Plus, share information securely with members of other agencies in your area.

EnforceNet is just a download away from helping you modernize incident notification and situational awareness, starting at only $8 per month.

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