Organizations that must comply with state/federal standards can be challenged when searching for a software development partner.  This challenge becomes even greater when the development partner must not only understand the compliance requirements but also be able to fulfill them with solutions that maximize your investment.

With DigitalBlue Software’s deep experience and expertise in Innovation & Solution Development, Digital Transformation, and System Integration for the public safety and security markets, you can be confident that your project will be completed within the stringent standards your end users demand (CJIS, FirstNet, FIPS, HIPAA, and others). 

Our Services

Innovation & Solution Development


Digital Transformation

Systems Integration

Whether you have a great new idea that you'd like to have built, or an existing solution that you need help replacing or maintaining, DigitalBlue has you covered.


We can take your project from idea all the way through to deployment with efficient execution at each stage.  Our experience with both internal enterprise projects and customer-facing revenue-generating products helps ensure successful outcomes for all our clients.

What Makes Us Different

Mobile App Development

Compliance & Regulatory

Requirements & Analysis

User Experience (UX)

Project Management

QA/QC Testing

We know what it takes for a product to sell in the market because we've built our own.  We've learned that a superior user experience coupled with a robust and compliant app can give you a powerful market presence.

We also know that it's necessary to find a good balance of cost vs quality when you're trying to bring a product to market.  Our team brings top-notch project management, analysis, and testing capabilities along with rates that are comparable or lower than other development providers who don't specialize in public safety.

Our Experience

We've developed on-premise and hosted solutions, running on a variety of operating systems including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and others.  Always built to your proprietary specifications and meeting your industry’s stringent compliance requirements.

Through our focus on developing highly scalable and available solutions that conform with most federal and public safety standards (CJIS, FirstNet, FIPS, APCO, NENA, NIEM, HIPAA, and others), we maintain a deep knowledge of the navigation path to complete projects that meet these requirements.

Our Commitment to You

We keep technology and solutions as simple as possible and deliver apps that are best-in-class UX design for our client.  Our #1 goal is building long term relationships with clients, by delivering attractive easy to use solutions that help them maximize their return on investment.

Let Us Help

Let us know a little more about your idea or project and we'll get back to you with our recommendations on how we can help.