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High security.
Low cost.
For small and medium sized businesses.

Protect your business with a DigitalBlue cybersecurity assessment & penetration test.

Small businesses are often at risk of cyberattacks, but many don't have the resources to properly protect themselves. That's where DigitalBlue comes in. With plans starting at $1500, we offer a comprehensive penetration test to identify vulnerabilities in your network and provide recommendations for securing your business. Don't let a cyberattack put your business at risk. Let DigitalBlue help you stay safe.

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DigitalBlue specializes in cybersecurity services for small and medium sized businesses.  Contact us today and we'll give you a free consultation about your current needs and how we can help.


What Our Clients Say


"We were very impressed with DigitalBlue's work on our penetration test and vulnerability assessment. They identified several critical vulnerabilities that we were unaware of, and their recommendations for remediation were spot on. Their team was professional and easy to work with, and we feel much more secure knowing that we have taken steps to address these issues. We highly recommend DigitalBlue to any company looking to improve the security of their networks."


- Eric Murdock, Acting General Manager of Kickapoo Casinos

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Check out some of our recent cybersecurity engagements to get examples of how we can help you.  Whether we're embedded with your development and security teams or we come in independently, we'll put together a success plan and implement it for you.

Case Studies
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