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Protect your business with a DigitalBlue cybersecurity assessment & penetration test.


What Clients Say

"We had some security issues arise at our casino enterprises and decided to hire an outside firm to investigate. When the quotes came in, DigitalBlue not only beat out the competition price by a wide margin, but also by experience and tribal knowledge. Their team validated our concerns, discovered additional issues, and are continuing to help us with the remediation stage of the recommendations they presented to us."

- Trevor Johnson, IT Director, Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma


Cybersecurity Services

DigitalBlue specializes in cybersecurity services for small and medium sized businesses.  Contact us today and we'll give you a free consultation about your current needs and how we can help.

Assessments & Pentesting

We can assess your environments both public and private, on-site and remote, giving you critical feedback on areas of concern and vulnerabilities. For on-site, we'll typically send a team of 2 cybersecurity engineers to business locations.

Remediation Plans

Most cybersecurity engagements result in a plan to address the findings. We can help you implement the remediation plan to get back into compliance.  When the plan requires additional resources, we can leverage our extensive partner network.

Incident Response

Incident response is not only urgent, but oftentimes it is delicate and complex.  We're skilled at not only handling the immediate technical issues, but we can also keep your management and leadership constantly updated with progress updates, next steps, and communication guidance.

Product Assessments

Do you provide a hardware product or software service to your customers?  We evaluate pre-production and production grade hardware/software solutions for vulnerabilities. Provide us with a piece of test hardware or software and we'll deliver the results you need to address any issues.


Case Studies

Check out some of our recent cybersecurity engagements to get examples of how we can help you.  Whether we're embedded with your development and security teams or we come in independently, we'll put together a success plan and implement it for you.

Responded to potential insider threat from IT administrator and other IT team members resulting in a multi-phase remediation plan to address personnel, process, and technology issues

Completed last minute pre-production security and code review that uncovered significant issues with front-end Angular UI and back-end .Net API.  Embedded with the development team providing technical leadership, oversight, and execution. Addressed code quality and security issues resulting in a high-quality release to their client.

Discovered a critical vulnerability in a state's law enforcement system used by almost 300 agencies which allowed attackers to bypass authentication and view/change data.  Immediately reported the issue to the state's cyber command group and validated the patch was deployed successfully to our client's police department.

Responded to high priority phishing / social engineering attack, including bank account compromise, of IT administrator resulting in immediately resolving certain critical vulnerabilities

Discovered and accessed surveillance systems and security cameras without being told where they were on the network or being given any credentials to access them

Responded to high priority product assessment prior to hardware going to manufacturing resulting in several key immediate improvements and a go-forward plan for significant architecture changes in both hardware and the client’s cloud

Identified vulnerable internet-facing applications and services that have not been updated to the latest versions (which poses a security risk since updates often include security patches)

Demonstrated that employees with administrative access are not using strong enough passwords or multi-factor authentication by discovering hashes and cracking them