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DigitalBlue proudly serves tribal nations across the U.S.

We can help secure and modernize your systems and processes.

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Portal Development Services

We offer custom Tribal Portal development services that provide secure cloud-based access to member programs and staff operations.

  • Tribal member access from anywhere in the world

  • Improves communication, collaboration, & information sharing across departments

  • Replaces existing Access & Excel based solutions

  • Tailored to your requirements & workflow

  • Fully managed development project from Discovery through Implementation

  • Managed Hosting - Let us host it for you in our secure Microsoft Azure Government cloud

  • Connect your tribe with other tribes



Hands-on Assessments & Pentesting 

  • Our cybersecurity engineers will perform on-site and remote-based vulnerability assessments & penetration testing.

  • We have successfully identified critical vulnerabilities in major systems for clients in public safety, law enforcement, casino, education, and fire-life-safety markets that other firms missed.

  • We can present findings to any audience -- both technical and management -- to help ensure the results are understood.

  • We can complement any existing internal cybersecurity initiatives, including NIGC and CISA-based assessments.



  • Our team will put together a plan to address any issues identified during an assessment.

  • When outside help is required and you don't already have a preferred provider, we can tap into our extensive partner network.


Security Awareness Training

  • Manage human risk and improve your tribe's security culture with security awareness training.

  • DigitalBlue partners with SoSafe to provide a robust training platform complete with auditing and reporting out of the box.

  • With a unique gamified model, awareness training becomes competitive and fun.

  • Phishing simulations that give you insight into employees that may need additional help/training.

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