DigitalBlue proudly serves tribal nations across the U.S.

We can help secure and modernize your systems and processes.



Social Services                                                    

  • Manage the end-to-end workflows for your Tribal GA, Federal GA, LIHEAP, School Clothing, and other assistance programs.                                                

  • Transform and streamline your tribe's paper-based processes to a fully electronic workflow.  When physical documents are needed, easily generate a consolidated PDF with all forms and attachments.                  


 Indian Child Welfare (ICW)                                                    

  • Manage all aspects of CPS, Family Preservation, Permanency, and Foster programs.                                                

  • Track client history across programs to build a complete view of an alleged victim's situation.                                                

  • Notify clients of upcoming worker visits and court dates.    

Member Portal                                                    

  • Members have worldwide secure access to the tribe's services and programs. 

  • Reduce phone calls and emails with automatic status updates via text and email to members.    


  • Generate a wide range of reports for each department/entity.                                                


  • Configure roles, security, jurisdiction, and more.                          

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Take full advantage of our deep experience with public safety, tribal, government, and healthcare solutions and let us design the best system for your situation.


   Assessments & Pentesting                                            

  • Our cybersecurity engineers will perform on-site and remote based vulnerability assessments & penetration testing.                                        

  • We have successfully identified critical vulnerabilities in major systems with public safety, law enforcement, casino, education, and physical security profiles that other firms missed.                                        

  •  We can present findings to any audience -- both technical and management -- to help ensure the results are understood.          

  • We can complement any existing internal cybersecurity initiatives, including NIGC and CISA based assessments.                  


  • Our team will put together a plan to address any issues identified during an assessment.                                        

  • When outside help is required and you don't already have a preferred provider, we can tap into our extensive partner network.  

    Security Awareness Training                                            

  • Manage human risk and improve your tribe's security culture with security awareness training.                                        

  • DigitalBlue partners with SoSafe to provide a robust training platform complete with auditing and reporting out of the box.  

  • With a unique gamified model, awareness training becomes competitive and fun                                        

  • Phishing simulations that give you insight into employees that may need additional help/training.