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Video Calling

Dash and Body Cameras are important components in protecting citizens and public safety professionals.  With Video Calling from DigitalBlue Software, you get that same level of protection on a phone call.

video calling (1).png
Video Call Screen 2020 08 20.png
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Web Start Video Call

Video call users enter a phone number on a cell phone, a computer, or in EnforceNet.  Add a file name, and save the recording is saved automatically.

Video Call Text Message in Phone URL Cut
Video Call Text Only URL Cut

Your call recipient taps a link in a text message they received from the Video Call user, and the video call is live.

Easily switch between phone call and live "show me" modes, to see live video from any location in an instant.  Then, when the call is done, you can easily add it to your current video evidence library.

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Web app
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Use video calling to minimize the threat of spreading diseases, while at the same time increase efficiency and reduce vehicle maintenance and fuel costs.

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